The Unconventional Way to Access Your Subconscious Mind Power

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One of the first things that you have to understand about your subconscious mind power is that this force is not something imaginary but in reality is an  intrinsic characteristic present in yourself even if you cannot realize it.

It is interesting how we can work with this hidden force and how we can reprogram it hence if we want to achieve great success in our lives is essential to know how to control our mind. You can assume that your subconscious mind is like a creature of habits in other words, if you can control what you are thinking you will start to believe that some of those positive thoughts and dreams are truly achievable and then you can start working towards them.

How your Habits Affect the Power of Subconscious Mind

woman accessing her subconscious mindIt is curious to know that the creative thinking is NOT the function of the subconscious mind just because the subconscious is not able to comprehend what is imaginary and what could be real.

What the subconscious does is to imprint an image in your mind repeatedly; this image generally represents an idea and when this process is completed over and over again your subconscious mind have the power of storing these data.

When that happens you start associating those images with positive thoughts and that alone can change your behavior which is an amazing phenomenon.

One impressive way to explore the power of subconscious mind is through some exercises. And as everything I do, I really believe that when we follow successful stories we can achieve what we want in life and that is the reason why I think is valuable to do what other enlightened people are doing to get similar positive outcomes.

Following the Secrets of Successful People

When I say successful people I am not only referring to famous people because there is a big difference between being successful and being famous. Generally we associate being famous to artists because they are on TV all the time but a person can be really successful in their life if they can achieve their dreams, and as each person has its own dreams, success has a different meaning for each of them.

With that said let’s go back to the exercises.

There is a book called “Think and Grow Rich” which is a really old-fashion book launched in 1937 by Napoleon Hill. This guy is considered one pioneer in terms of personal development and on his book the listed some techniques and exercises on developing a positive mindset which could lead the readers to wealth. The book was a tremendous success back in the day because people were achieving success far beyond they thought it was possible. And among all the techniques cited on the book one of the most controversial was a visualization exercise called the Invisible Counselors.

Exploring Your Subconscious Mind Power with a Simple Technique

This visualization technique is really powerful and was one of the most popular topics presented on his book; the author really believed that this visualization technique alone was the best way of getting inspiration, ideas and exploring skills that you never thought you could have.

I told you his book was full of instructions so, let me explain how this Invisible Counselor exercise actually work.

Before you go to bed but you can sense that you are awaken enough, let your imagination flies… close your eyes and try to envision a Council Table full of people then put yourself on this table. Join the group!

The secret and the power of this exercise is not just about you making part of a council table but the fact of you being able to invite any person you want. That is the real power of this visualization technique because you can focus on areas you know you need some improvement.

You can choose sitting on this table with experts, celebrities and even with people that are not alive. Remember, we are exploring the power of subconscious mind so we have to be creative enough to solve what we need to.

Conference Room

Once you imagine that table and choose the right people to join the group, now it’s time to find the right focus, in other words you need to define the purpose of the meeting. This is common sense but it would be a wise idea to work on your weaknesses. But don’t go crazy with that, focus on one thing at time and be creative to choose people who can add value to this council so they can really help you to solve a problem.

The last think you have to do is to start discussing your problems with the selected group.

It can sound something visionary but the idea behind the technique is related to imagining highly qualified people giving you advice and providing solutions for your problems.

Positive Outcomes when using the Subconscious Mind Power

The author of the book actually tried himself this technique and during his experiments he noticed the subconscious mind power working in a way more real than he could think it was possible.

enlightened gatheringWhat he achieved with this Invisible Counselor technique was impressive because he could tap into forces beyond the limits of the mind, he could explore the wisdom from others and get inspired by their success stories and then he could see and aim success for his own life.

Bringing this scenario to the present, we can make an analogy with some fiction movies, where in some point you are overcharged with skills coming from those who are masters on the ability you want to acquire. If you ever watched “Matrix” you know what I am talking about.

It sounds revolutionary but a lot of famous people tried this technique and achieved a lifestyle beyond their imagination when they started out. One of them is Walt Disney just to give you an example.

Of course, what I am suggesting you to do require some training and practice, but there are some ways to speed up this process.

And one of the most effective ways to explore your subconscious mind power is via quantum jumping which is a theory of parallel universes and based on quantum physics.

I hope you enjoy the article and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Thanks everybody.

We talk soon.



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