The Alternative Uses of the Custom Silicon Wristbands

Custom silicon wristbands are new personalized accessories that offer a whole lot of other functions, and even promise more possible uses. Currently, not only are they used as customizable fashion products that are worn for promotion of various causes and expression of beliefs, but also as effective pollutant indicators.

Custom Silicon WristbandsDue to the porous qualities of the silicone rubber or the material used to make the product, pollutants in the air tend to be absorbed easily. This could then be tested to identify and measure the harmful elements present in the surroundings. The pollutants get into the pores of the wristbands, so they wouldn’t be easily washed away when the band gets in contact with water. This makes it a good collector of substances because which gives accurate data.

Aside from being an indicator of toxic substances, the custom silicon wristband could be used as an alternative for tickets made of paper. Due to the incidents of tickets being counterfeited or people crashing into events without paying, some organizers thought of using the custom silicon wristbands as an innovative replacement for paper tickets. Since the details of the wristband are dictated by the consumer, those who plan to make fake ones would have a hard time imitating a unique design. What’s more is that the sentimental event-goer could easily preserve the wristband as a form of remembrance, unlike the conventional ticket which easily gets torn and decomposed. The attendees of the event just need to wear one around their wrists and present them to the personnel at the entrance of the venue and they would be given access without any fuss.

There are also wristbands which perform technical functions due to the technology embedded in its rubber form. These wristbands could be used in holding tracking devices so that they could be worn and secured properly. The wristband should be worn by children so that their parents could easily find them if they get lost. The custom silicon wristbands could also be styled in a way that would allow it to serve as a holder for small gadgets such as iPods, MP3 players and pedometers. In this way, the users could fasten their gadgets onto the wristband for easier access and for style purposes.

Technology nowadays has provided modern means of banking and processes of payment that would be considered unconventional ten years before. It is possible that in the future, chips that could store banking and credit information would be created and these could be embedded in these wristbands as well. All it takes is a quick scan of the chip in the wristband in order to make a transaction in the bank or in order to make purchases in, let’s say, a modern mall.

Also, instead of banking information, details about the identity of a person could also be placed in the tiny chip and a person could wear it in order to gain access to an establishment such as a university or an office. In this way, people can avoid infuriating incidents of losing ID’s because everything would just be kept in the wristband, which could be worn all the time, even while bathing. The water-resistant coating provided by the silicone rubber would prevent the chip from getting wet, even while swimming.

Wearing custom silicon wristbands is definitely a fashionable way of securing one’s identification and avoiding all the hassle of shuffling for ID cards. Because of the high malleability of its component, the silicon bracelet could be altered in many different ways that would enable it to be more useful than an average personalized accessory, its selling point being its stylishness and functionality.


Badge Lanyard Basics

A lot of accessories are growing in popularity. However, in this fast-paced world, more and more people choose to settle with items that are not only fashionable, but also functional. Lanyards are hitting two birds with one stone in this aspect.

Badge LanyardsBadge lanyards are made of a long cord, with a hardware attachment fasted at the end. Lanyards were used before to hold pistols and whistles in the military. Over time, it has become a staple accessory for holding items. The immense popularity of lanyards has paved the way for a lot of developments in this product, including state of the art means of producing them, as well as revolutionary types and designs.

Fabric Cords

There are many fabrics used to make the cord of badge lanyards. The first type is the tubular, which can be compared to the fabric used in shoe laces. They are relatively cheaper than the rest, but is a good choice for one-time events. Another fabric is the more common nylon thread. This type is known to be the most durable and can last for a long time. They are the usual choice if the lanyard will be used to carry heavy items like water bottles. Other types of fabric can also be used, including velvet. The purpose of such products is to cater to fashion-conscious users who also want to use their lanyards as staple accessories. Some even have them in retractable and beaded variants.

Printing Procedures

Apart from the fabric used, the type of printing also differs. Silkscreen printing is a very popular choice, especially among those who simply wish to have text printed on the laces. It’s a simple, inexpensive, and easy way to customize badge lanyards. It can usually support 1 to 2 colors, and can be ideal for the tubular type of cord fabric.

Another important type of printing would be the dye sublimation. This is the process used to print intricate designs, including digital artwork. It can be very tough and can easily be washed. This is the ideal choice for customized lanyards with multi-colored photos, and for lanyards with widths of at least an inch. The result provides high quality images that won’t fade away.

Why Are Lanyards Important?

Many people often neglect lanyards, merely seeing them as ID holders. Today’s developments has led to more convenient functions. Lanyards are now enhanced by all sorts of hardware add-ons, giving such cords different additional uses. When the goal is to hold many small pieces together, these add-ons can be either in the form of multi-hooks or locks. Lanyards also provide security for these valuable items which are often misplaced by owners.

Moreover, badge lanyards also give a sense of belongingness to an individual who opts to wear one that was custom made to identify membership. It’s easy to show one’s affiliation through these laces since the text or logo can be customized.

More importantly, lanyards are used to carry around important cards, such as swipe cards used to enter turnstiles in tight-security areas. This saves the owner from the trouble of constantly needing to take out the card every time he or she goes out.

Many individuals also decide to sell lanyards as a startup business. There are many companies offering lanyard production, especially online. The prices usually differ in size, fabric material, and type of printing. Whichever model you pick, the idea is to find the most inexpensive deal for superior quality products. The fabric, hardware, and print should be carefully checked to ensure that you’ve received superior quality products – those worthy to be sold at retail rates. offers the industry’s most economical pricing for custom lanyards,badge lanyards and personalized lanyards.