Some of the Reasons behind the Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are made to fit in the palm of your hand. Most businesses, clubs, organizations, and other groups put their logo or insignia on their custom coins. The coins are usually minted to promote a product, cause, company, and event. They can also be used as awards, perpetual business cards, morale booster or inspiration, giveaways (like wedding favors), and token of appreciation.

Members or employees of an organization or company, that holds a good reputation, will be proud to own a custom coin given by their organization or company. There are companies that present their deserving employee an elite coin as recognition to the employee’s invaluable contributions to the company.

Strengthen the Bond

There are members of a particular group or unit who always carry their challenge coin. If the group or organization is popular, then the coin can somehow help boost the morale of the members. It is always an honor and privilege to belong to an organization that is considered an elite group.

custom coinsMembers of the same group or unit, like in the military, share a stronger bond through their coin. They are always glad to meet someone who belongs to the same unit wherever they are. Military men are fond of playing the custom challenge coins game. Whenever there’s a gathering, and most members of the unit are present, someone will likely shout a coin check. All members of the same unit must be able to present or show their coin. Anyone who failed to show his own coin must buy other members of the unit a drink. In case everyone has their coin with them, the one who posed the challenge should buy the next round of drinks.

Raise Awareness

There are groups that use custom coins to raise awareness regarding a certain cause, program, event, or product. It is easier to distribute the gorgeous coins than flyers. The gorgeous coins can attract takers, while the flyers don’t get much attention.

If you want to raise awareness regarding something, then custom coins are more reliable than flyers. They can be cheaper than flyers in a long run because they can last for a long time. Also, no one will dare throw away something beautiful.

Morale Booster

Some custom challenge coins have engraved inspirational message in them, which aims to boost the morale of the coin owner or the employee. The inspirational inscription can bring the owner back to her senses, and perform well even if she is currently experiencing some difficulties.

The message or motto written on the coin can help the employees work together as a team to achieve their goal, and contribute to the success of the company.

Awards or Recognition

There are schools that use custom coins as awards to the students who excel above any student in their chosen field. There are companies that present deserving employees with an elite coin to show recognition and appreciation for his great contribution to the company.

Some communities also use custom coins to recognize the invaluable contributions of a community member to making their place a better one. There are cases when a community gives custom coins to appreciate and recognize a group of people who made it possible to accomplish a seemingly impossible feat for the benefit of the whole community.

A Lasting Thank you Note

You can use custom coins to show your gratitude, and it is better than thank you card because the coin can last for a long time. Giving a custom coin to say “thank you” serves as a constant reminder to the recipient just how much you appreciate the things that she has done for you.

Different individuals have different reasons for minting their own custom challenge coins. There is no rule that restricts someone from having other reasons in giving out the coins. A simple reason as wishing someone a great day ahead can brighten that person’s day.


Portable Storage Container for your Stocks and Records

Portable Storage containerIf you own a store and you need a separate storage to keep your stocks and important documents safe and secure, then you need a portable storage container. Most movable cubicles come with a security box to keep your important things safe. Because a storage container portable, you can have it near your store. It is more convenient and economical than renting a unit in a storage facility. You don’t need to take a trip just to check or fetch some stocks that you need for your store.

Keeping your Important Stocks and Records Safe

If you will use the portable storage to keep your stocks safe for a long time, then it is prudent to buy the container instead of renting it. You will be able to save more money in the long run if you opt to buy your own storage container. You can modify the container according to your needs. You can even turn your portable container into a separate office where you keep the records of your important transactions.

Your portable storage container provider will not allow you to make any modifications to the unit that you have decided to rent, unless you buy the unit. In case you no longer feel like running a business and your container is still in tip top shape, you can sell your container or turn it into an extra room, an office, a workshop, or anything that comes to mind. You can even turn it into a mini shop.

If you are going to convert the container into a room, then you need to contact someone to check the ventilation and insulation. Your container must have proper ventilation to keep you cool during the day (some install air conditioning in their unit). The unit should have proper insulation to keep you warm during the cold nights.

When Expecting an Increase in Demand

If you are opening a new store or you have something new to offer which happens to be highly in demand, then you need to get ready for clients to visit your store and buy. It is advisable to have a good number of each item that your buyers might purchase. Your portable storage container will play a significant part in keeping your merchandise safe. It is also good to know that your storage is just a few steps away in case you need to replenish your stocks immediately.

If you are renting a portable storage, it is important to determine the size of the container that you are going to rent to avoid wasting money. You are actually paying for the space in the container, and you will be wasting money if a certain spot would be empty.

Choosing a Good Storage Container Provider

Most portable containers are retired shipping storages that were given new lives by the company who rents them out or sells them. They were fixed and painted to look like new. A good provider should be able to prove that the containers were given rust treatment and were covered with a good amount of paint to avoid rusting. Most of the time, it is better to choose a company with a reputation to keep, but expect them to charge a bit higher than the other container providers.

The metal of a used container remains as sturdy and reliable as the new container. Rust is the primary enemy of metals, but anyone can prevent it from eating the metal away through proper care and maintenance.

Once you have decided on the provider and buying the container is your final decision, it is advisable to create a schedule for a regular container inspection. You need to check for cracks that could let the moisture in, and lead to rust formation. If you see any sign of it, then take immediate action and seal it. If you see that rust begins to form, then prevent it from spreading at once.

A portable storage container is a good investment if you are going to need it for a long time. If you are sure that you will only need it for a short period of time, then it is better just to rent it.

Portable storage container is here to provide you with the most suitable products available in the industry at competitive and affordable prices.